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COVID Safe - Conditions of Entry

  1. If you are unwell, do not enter.

  2. Please remember social distancing and maintain a minimum distance of 1.5m from other people.

  3. Please queue where indicated and only one person to stand at register to order at a time.

  4. We are encouraging contactless payment methods, where possible.

  5. Takeaway orders – once you have ordered, please wait outside and pick up orders from the takeaway window when called.

  6. Contactless Keep Cup Policy: please keep hold of your keep cup and we will prepare your coffee in our dine in cup and you can pour your coffee in to your keep cup yourself at the takeaway pick up window.

  7. All customers must be seated when dining in.

  8. If dining in (whether seated inside or outside), all customers must complete the sign in register located on the large wooden table. Note: no electronic sign in option available due to very limited phone coverage around the café.

  9. Please do not re-arrange furniture.

  10. Please observe the limit of ten (10) customers in the indoor dining section at any one time.

  11. Please follow any signage and/or staff directions to ensure compliance with the COVID-19 regulations

  12. Hand sanitiser is available in the indoor dining section.

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